Tips On Selecting Bouncy Castles For A Kids’ Party


It may be your child’s party, or you are in charge of children’s entertainment in your town’s event, whatever it is you are probably thinking about hiring a bouncy castle. Bouncy castles are the main feature when it comes to kids’ entertainment at parties. It ‘s hard to come across a child, who does not enjoy a good bounce in the bouncy castle. It is therefore important for you to have the guidelines of hiring a bouncy castle so that the children can have a perfect time at the party.


The first thing to consider before bouncy castle hire is the theme of your party. Having the theme in mind will make the selection much easier because you will just request for castles that are in theme with your party. You will be surprised at the options regarding design that are there; you cannot miss something for your party. Whether you are in need of a princess themed bouncy castle for your children’s party or superhero-themed bouncy castle, most of the hiring companies will deliver.


You need to put the safety of your child and the young guest when it comes to bouncy castles. Letting children of various ages, sizes and height bounce together can be a safety hazard because the little ones can fall and get hurt easily. To ensure that the children are safe and some do not feel left out, you can plan to have more than one castle for the young and older children.


The venue of the event is also crucial when it comes to disco dome for hire in Essex. The reason for this is some parties are scheduled for the wintry months which put you in a hard place. However, you need not worry because some bouncy castle companies have bouncy castles that can be set up indoors. Even so, it is important that you establish a few things that will help you make a better choice of a bouncy castle. These include the hall’s dimensions, light fixtures, and the ceiling height.


Look at the appearance, design, size, and shape of a bouncy castle before you hire it. This is mainly because children want something appealing and for kids, visuals are a big deal. Therefore make a point of having a colorful bouncy castle with added animations to make it playful for them.


The price of the hire should guide you. Scout for great deals so that you don’t settle for something expensive when can find better deals that offer more value for your money.


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