Guide to Bouncy Castles and Its Safe Use


In many countries in the world, bouncy castles are seen in backyard parties and community fetes. These castles have a springy nature and are very much loved by kids who relentlessly jump on these castles. But if you want to make sure that you kids are safe while playing on these bouncy castles, you need to check a lot of things before your party starts and the bounce castle gets inflated.


Bouncy castles are made with inflammable vinyl material. These castles come with a blowing machine that can help inflate the unit. You need to make sure that the unit and the blower are kept at a safe distance from any source of fire. The unit can also collapse at any moment if pinched with a sharp object. Hence, party organizers should be vigilant about keeping fire and sharp objects far from the bouncy castle unit. This is one of the basic safety precautions you must take.


There are also a number of safety rules and regulations that you must adhere to aside from keeping your soft play hire in Essex away from fire and sharp objects.


Soft shoes should be worn be children entering the bouncy castle. Without soft shoes, kids should not be allowed to enter. They should also wear socks inside the bouncy castle.


Only fifteen kids can play inside the bouncy castle at a time so be sure not to overcrowd it. Small bouncy castle units can hold four to eight kids. Get bouncy castle hire in Colchester here!


Children should be evacuated immediately if there is a leakage since it might deflate at any point of time.


If you are holding your party outdoors you should ask the bouncy castle hire company to provide sandbags and other supporting structures that would help the castle withstand natural forces like torrential rain or heavy wind. You can find companies that provide these to their customers. If the weather conditions worsen, the agency sometimes cancels bookings and you will get a refund for the amount that you deposited.


It is not just enough to restrict the kids or ensure safe installation and usage of the bouncy castle. You should also cheek the background of the company you are hiring inflatable bouncy castles from. Check if they are members of an alliance of inflatable hirers. If the business is registered then it is not a fly-by-night venture. Check also if the castles supplied by the company are tested and certified.


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